Bin There, Herd That

The Educated Farmer Series

We have long wanted to bring our customers relevant news on a regular schedule about the products, services and markets that affect your families and businesses. We are pleased to share the Bin There, Herd That – Educated Farmers Series. We will be discussing the latest agricultural news with local industry professionals. Episodes will be between 15 and 30 minutes and are available through our website, facebook page, email newsletter & can even be texted directly to your phone. We hope you will join us in this journey!


Episode 1

Matt Bloom - Feed Department Manager at Jackson Farmers and Purina

Episode 2

Sarah Leonhard - Sales Specialist Purina Nutrition

Episode 3

Doug Biswell - GM Jackson Farmers

Episode 4

Rocky Yoder - Beef Specialist

Episode 5

Jarrod Schreyer - Crop Advisor

Episode 6

Video Tour of Henderson Ranch​

Episode 7

Matt Bloom - Special preview of our upcoming Cattle Tub promotion and details on how you can win a Purina cooler.

Episode 8

All things tubs with Rocky Yoder - Beef Specialist

Episode 9

Rick McNary - Shop Kansas Farms