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All prices are subject to change at any time.
County Heating tax added at time of delivery or prepayment.
Current Price – Immediate delivery – minimum of 200 gallons
Please Call the Jackson Farmers Location near you for Current Pricing
                                                                                                  Effingham          (913) 833-2070
                                                                                                  Holton                (785) 364-3161
                                                                                                  Holton Elevator   (785) 364-2671
                                                                                                  Holton Feedmill   (785) 364-2966
                                                                                                  Lancaster           (913) 874-2510
                                                                                                  Meriden              (785) 484-3360
See our Customer Call in Policy concerning Out of Gas, Special Trip or Small Delivery Surcharges.  
We offer tanks for sale or for lease purchase:
Storage Tank Program   500 Gallon New   500 Gallon Refurb   1000 Gallon New   1000 Gallon Refurb
Purchase Price                $1200 plus tax      $990 plus tax        $3210 plus tax       $2095 plus tax
5 year lease to own
*All propane used or delivered to leased tanks during lease term or until paid in full must be delivered by Jackson Farmers.
                                     500 Gallon New   500 Gallon Refurb     1000 Gallon New    1000 Gallon Refurb
Annual Payment        $240 plus tax      $198 plus tax         $642 plus tax         $419 plus tax
Regulators, copper tubing and fittings are extra.
Don't forget about your smaller propane needs.  We also fill 20#, 30#, 40#, and 100# 
       bottles at the Effingham Location. 
Call the Effingham office at 913-833-2070 if you have any questions.
Thank you for your business.   IT IS APPRECIATED!

*** Customer must own his/her own tank for us to fill it.***   


By choosing to be a Call In customer with Jackson Farmers, Inc., you are accepting the responsibility to monitor your own tank level and order propane to be delivered. Jackson Farmers, Inc. is not responsible for you running out of propane. In addition, Jackson Farmers, Inc. requires the following of its Call In customers.
         Do not let your tank get below 5%.
         In fact, 25% should be considered a minimum in determining when to order because Jackson Farmers, Inc. reserves the right to apply a surcharge to any delivery that must be made without 7 days advanced notice.
          Jackson Farmers, Inc. has a minimum delivery amount of 200 gallons if the customer is not on a keep full delivery.
          Surcharges are not just applied in the winter, so please monitor your tank year-round.
Out of Gas – Jackson Farmers, Inc. reserves the right to charge out of gas charges any time a customer runs out of gas (5% or less):
·         $50 – Jackson Farmers, Inc. also reserves the right to refuse service to customers who run out of gas 3 times. 
·         $35 – Leak Test. Customer must be home to allow us to test fire propane-burning appliances.
Special Trip – Jackson Farmers, Inc reserves the right to charge special trip charges on any delivery that must be made off route and has not had 7 days advance notice.
·         $50 – during business hours
·         $200 after business hours
·         $400 on holidays
Calls after 3 p.m. on weekdays, and all calls on weekends, are considered after business hours, and will be subject to the after-hours special trip rate.
    Jackson Farmers, Inc. considers any tank at or below 5% as potentially out of gas. If your tank is at or below 5%, we require access to visually verify that your pilot lights on all appliances are still lit before we deliver. We will not deliver until we can verify all pilots are still lit, and you will incur special trip charges if we have to return to deliver. Appliances with electronic ignition pilots must be test fired to ensure service has not been interrupted.
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